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demonstration team

🥇Congratulations to our Roar DEMO Team for bringing home 1st Place in the 2019 Powerade State Games

DEMO competition!

Powerade State Games 2019 DEMO Champions

Roar Tae Kwon Do Demonstration Team is made up of an elite group of dedicated and experienced students committed to learning advanced maneuvers, weapon skills and whose passion is Tae Kwon Do!  Our DEMO Team is an elite select group of Roar students who are committed to training and participating in regional and national Tae Kwon Do competitions.  Current Roar students green belt or higher must be invited to join the team, and selection is based on commitment to the program, athletic and personal drive, and the desire for intense training throughout the year. 

Students will learn to master the following weapons:

  • Nun chucks

  • Bo-staff

  • Sword


The DEMO team performs at a variety of events and is a big part of our commitment to the community.  

Should you wish to have our Demonstration Team involved in one of your events or wish us to do a presentation please feel free to Contact Us.

For consideration and to learn more about Roar's DEMO Team, please talk with Master Surendra.

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